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How to Tour an Assisted Living Facility

tour nursing home

There are several major life decisions that we often make at different stages of our life including who to sit next to on the bus, where to go to college, who to marry, where to buy a home and how many kids to have.  Another life-changing decision is what assisted living community to bring your loved one to. We know this decision is stressful, which is why the experts at Choice Health Management are here to help with these assisted living assessment tips:

  1. Safety and Security – For most families viewing an assisted living facility, the issue of safety and security sit high on the list of priorities. To properly evaluate the safety and security of an assisted living facility, you’ll need to ask many questions of the staff.  Observe the presence of grab bars in key areas such as hallways, bathrooms and rooms.  Ask about staffing patterns during both the daytime and at night, as well as staff qualifications such as how many registered nurses are on site.  Finally, ask how residents contact staff in case of an emergency in their living area.
  2. Food – While taste is important, you’ll also want to check for proper nutrition and variety. Also, take time to learn how the facility manages dining hours and dining procedures. Ask what happens when a resident isn’t able to join the other residents for a meal.
  3. Activities – Witness scheduled activities or community events at the assisted living facility. Notice whether the staff are enjoying the activity, are the activities fitting to what your loved one enjoys to do and whether or not they host religious services.
  4. Friendliness – This one is a big one for most families. Take time to observe the staff members and how they interact with residents.  Meet with staff and the management team to understand the goals of the facility and the confidence they have in the staff.
  5. Outdoor Area – If you’re visiting on a nice day, take a walk outside and see what the outdoor areas are like and if your loved one can see themselves enjoying the outdoor facilities. Don’t forget to evaluate how safe and secure the outdoor areas feel.

Overall, you and your loved one will need to trust your instincts about the assisted living facility.  If you have questions about our assisted living services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a visit soon!