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Visiting Too Much or Not Enough: How Often to Visit Aging Loved Ones in Assisted Living

nursing home visits

What is too often or not enough when it comes to visiting your loved one at their new assisted living home?  Many families we work with at Choice Health Management struggle with this very same question.  If you visit too often, are you preventing your loved one from getting to know the other residents?  If you don’t visit enough, are you causing your loved one to feel abandoned?  If you’re struggling with how often to visit, try going through these steps to determine just the right amount of visits!

  1. Communicate

The first thing to do is discuss visit frequency with your loved one.  If they are new to the assisted living facility, they may ask that you visit every day, in which you may respond with a compromise of every other day or twice a week.  On the other hand, your loved one may ask that you visit just once per month, in which you may be more comfortable visiting them every other week.  You’ll need to talk through this with your loved one to determine a schedule that works for both of you.

  1. Other Ways to Stay in Touch

Determine what other ways you can stay in touch with your loved one.  Remind your loved one that you are available via phone, email, text or video chat if possible.  In this instance, you and your family may consider getting your loved one a cell phone so they can reach out whenever they need to.

  1. Offer Support

Keep in mind that your loved one may be experiencing different emotions related to his/her move and needs your support.  Be available for and listen to his/her needs.  You may be surprised to hear that he/she wants to adjust the schedule to accommodate a regular meeting or walk around the grounds with new friends.

Overall, the key is communication.  Make sure your loved one knows you are available and there for support.  We know the transition can be difficult, which is why we are here to help.  Contact Choice Health Management if you have any questions!