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FAQ: How Assisted Living Can Benefit Your Loved One

With each year, there are new opportunities to create treasured memories with the people that are close to your heart. However, the passage of time can also bring obstacles for your aging loved ones. The possibility of injuries, accidents, and isolation present potential threats to their well-being and overall health. To combat these key concerns, Choice Health Management is ready to break down the myths of assisted living so that you can get the best possible care for the people that matter most.

Q: Would assisted living prevent my loved one from getting personal attention?

Not only does assisted living provide the security you need for your loved ones but it also includes an abundant opportunity for them to socialize with new friends and participate in activities. With professional assistance available in case of potential problems and nearby recreational events, it literally presents the best of both worlds by allowing your family member the chance to maintain their independence and increase their overall well-being.

Q: Does if offer enough privacy?

With assistant living, your aging loved one can receive the care they need when they need it in a homey setting. As an affordable and more private alternative to nursing homes, this allows them to participate in events when they would like and easily take a break if they begin to feel overwhelmed. This also is useful for family visits and activities so that they can have the ability to socialize with their new group of friends when desired and still be able to share quiet moments together in the peace of their own room.

Q: How can it improve my loved one’s quality of life?

Due to a readily available source of assistance from high-quality profession caregivers, residents can receive daily help with activities such as bathing, dressing and eating so that you can get the peace of mind needed to rest easier. In the event of a maintenance issue in the home, our staff will be ready to fix any potential issue so that they will not have to worry about basic home repairs. From this, they can decrease their stress and achieve an optimum level of health.

Although moving into an assisted living home can present a new change for your aging loved ones, it also provides needed security and support so that they can stay active. At Choice Health Management, our team puts your family first. Contact our staff today to learn more about our assisted living program and how it can help you.

What You Can Do To Help Prevent Memory Loss

With each passing year, there is new opportunities to make treasured memories with your family. However, if your loved one is having difficultly remembering past events and names, it may be a sign of a larger problem. Last year, an estimated 5.4 million Americans suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. From this, 5.2 million cases were in adults age 65 or older. Although there are no guarantees or cures for Alzheimer’s, certain activities may help improve memory. At Choice Health Management, we take the health of your family to heart. To help slow the effects of memory loss and improve overall health, we offer these key guidelines for your aging loved ones.

Stay Social

According to research done by the MacArthur Foundation, social support can improve the mental performance of seniors as well as increase self-esteem. Joining groups, especially ones that include learning new skills or hobbies, is a way to cultivate a sense of meaning and counter the effects of stress-related disease. Additionally, participating in activities that challenge your brain can aid in sharpening the memory. To start, ask your loved one what activities they are interested in and research local groups or clubs that can help provide assistance. This can be as easy as doing a jigsaw puzzle daily or joining in a local bingo game. All of these efforts may seem small but, by giving purpose and relying on a strong social team, you can help improve both memory and their quality of life.

Keep it Healthy

By placing an emphasis on healthy living, your loved one can improve their physical fitness and brain cognition by receiving vital nutrients. Fruits and vegetables offer sufficient sources of antioxidants and healthy fats from fish, nuts, and whole grains help protect the body from deterioration and reduces the risk of stroke. Additionally, regular exercise is another key practice to staying mentally sharp. This does not have to be extraneous or intense to be effective. Participating in daily walks, yoga, swimming or even gardening can reap vital physical benefits.  By combining proper diet, daily exercises and a consistent sleep schedule, the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure dramatically decreases. From this, you give your loved ones the best possible tools to stay healthy.

Seek Help

Although steps such as a strong diet and proper sleep can aid in increasing fitness and prevent disease, it is not always enough. If you are concerned that your loved one needs additional assistance, Choice Health Management is here to help make the process as easy as possible. Contact our staff today to learn more about our assisted living and memory care services.

How to Encourage Your Loved One to Move to Assisted Living

move to assisted living

Are you worried about your aging loved one living at home independently and wish to move them into assisted living, but they don’t agree?  We understand that the decision can be incredibly difficult for many families, especially if the aging loved one is resisting what the family recommends.  Here are gentle ways to help your loved one make the decision to move into an assisted living facility.

Focus on gaining, not losing.

Your loved one may be focused on the idea of losing independence and the warm home they have lived in for decades.  Help your loved one to see the things they will be gaining from moving to an assisted living facility.  This could be new friends, fun activities or peace of mind.

Giving a gift to you.

Let your loved one know that the current living situation is a huge source of worry for you and the rest of the family, and that him/her accepting help would be a wonderful gift to you all.

It’s not permanent.

Instead of deciding that this is a permanent move, encourage your loved one to simply try out the assisted living facility.  Take your loved one on visits to the assisted living facility and introduce him/her to nurses and residents there.

Doctor’s orders.

Be sure to discuss your concerns with your loved one’s doctor.  If he/she agrees, your loved one’s doctor may be able to recommend to the patient some assistance in the form of an assisted living facility.

Overall, we recommend encouraging your aging loved ones to receive appropriate care, whether that is moving to an assisted living facility or simply adding accessibility equipment to their home, but avoid force and ultimately, try to respect your loved one’s wishes.

If you and your aging loved one have come to the decision to move to an assisted living facility, we hope you choose Choice Health Management. Call us today, and let us know how we can help.


Tips for Moving into Assisted Living

tips for moving to assisted living

Moving can be hard in any situation. Settling into an assisted living facility doesn’t have to be strenuous. Here are some quick tips, courtesy of Choice Health Management, to make the move easier on you and your loved ones.

  1. Make a plan

Before you start packing boxes and bags, strategize a game plan. If you are moving items from a house, you may or may not be able to take everything. Sort through furniture and items to see what you will need in your new home. Any unwanted items can be put into storage, given to friends and family, or donated toward a good cause. Once you determine what you will be taking, make an event of it and invite others to help and enjoy one last hoorah at the home.

  1. Ask for help

Packing is only the first step in switching homes. Unloading and personalizing your new space takes some effort too! Ask a friend or family member to accompany you to the assisted living facility for the move. Getting a group to unload your items is always a fun and time saving idea! Once you arrive to the campus introduce yourself to the staff and get acquainted with the facility layout to find the easiest route to move-in your personal items.

  1. Make the space your own

After you’ve brought all of your décor and individual items into your room it’s time to get organized! Store clothes and other items where you can reach them easiest. Personalize your new space with photos, framed artwork, and other items that your room feel like home. Your favorite warm blanket may add a level of comfort and familiarity to the fresh space!

  1. Designate your primary point person

Throughout your stay with assisted living there will be various questions and curiosities you may want answered. Upon settling in make sure to reach out to your first point of contact, to find your primary contact for the facility. In the future if you want to know when the next weekly activity is, or when the best times for visitors are you’ll know exactly who to speak with.

  1. Get to know your neighbors

Just as similar as any other living arrangement neighbors are a fundamental of social interaction. Have the basketball game on tonight and want someone to cheer with? Ask your neighbor! Need an extra hand choosing photos for decorations? Bring your neighbor over to share the stories behind them. Choice Health Management is one giant family, so join the fun and meet someone new!

Joining an assisted living facility is an exciting step in your life and the life of your loved ones. Make the move a little easier with these tips from Choice Health Management. Call us today, and let us know how we can help.