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FAQ: How Assisted Living Can Benefit Your Loved One

With each year, there are new opportunities to create treasured memories with the people that are close to your heart. However, the passage of time can also bring obstacles for your aging loved ones. The possibility of injuries, accidents, and isolation present potential threats to their well-being and overall health. To combat these key concerns, Choice Health Management is ready to break down the myths of assisted living so that you can get the best possible care for the people that matter most.

Q: Would assisted living prevent my loved one from getting personal attention?

Not only does assisted living provide the security you need for your loved ones but it also includes an abundant opportunity for them to socialize with new friends and participate in activities. With professional assistance available in case of potential problems and nearby recreational events, it literally presents the best of both worlds by allowing your family member the chance to maintain their independence and increase their overall well-being.

Q: Does if offer enough privacy?

With assistant living, your aging loved one can receive the care they need when they need it in a homey setting. As an affordable and more private alternative to nursing homes, this allows them to participate in events when they would like and easily take a break if they begin to feel overwhelmed. This also is useful for family visits and activities so that they can have the ability to socialize with their new group of friends when desired and still be able to share quiet moments together in the peace of their own room.

Q: How can it improve my loved one’s quality of life?

Due to a readily available source of assistance from high-quality profession caregivers, residents can receive daily help with activities such as bathing, dressing and eating so that you can get the peace of mind needed to rest easier. In the event of a maintenance issue in the home, our staff will be ready to fix any potential issue so that they will not have to worry about basic home repairs. From this, they can decrease their stress and achieve an optimum level of health.

Although moving into an assisted living home can present a new change for your aging loved ones, it also provides needed security and support so that they can stay active. At Choice Health Management, our team puts your family first. Contact our staff today to learn more about our assisted living program and how it can help you.

How to Bring Spring Home for Your Assisted Living Loved Ones

With the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to enjoy outdoor family activities.  However, for aging loved ones, it can be increasingly difficult to experience the extent of the fun. To help your family members in assisted living, Choice Health Management Services offers these easy tips for bringing the new season’s merriment inside.

Create a Sensory Basket

If your loved ones are not able to go outside, bring it to them with a sensory basket!  By including different types of their favorite flowers, pinecones, and leaves into a fun basket, they can experience the sights and fragrances of spring without additional stress.  To personalize the experience, include individual touches. For example, if your family member was a farmer, adding soybeans, corn, or soil can make them feel connected to their passion and serve as a reminder of the joys of nature.

Help Them Assemble Vases

When your family comes to visit your loved ones, try doing spring activities with them like creating vases of flowers.  By letting them decorate their own vase and picking some of the flowers you brought along, they can make themselves a beautiful bouquet.  Since this is a family-friendly activity, it is the perfect opportunity to include the grandkids. Not only can they help, but together your family can even make bouquets for other residents to help bring a little spring to their doorstep.

Optimize Their View

If your family member has a window in their room, place a bird feeder or bath outside of it to brighten the atmosphere.  Additionally, placing potted plants outdoors or on their windowsill can help get them into the seasonal mood.  If looking out the window isn’t an option, placing nature scene posters on their walls can transform their room into a spring oasis.

Take Them for a Walk

Fresh air is the best way to experience this time of year with your aging loved ones.  Sitting on a bench, people watching, or feeding geese are the perfect way to connect with your family member.  While on your walk, pick some flowers to bring back to their room so they can take a piece of their excursion with them.

Spring offers a wonderful time for creating treasured memories with your family and friends.  Although it may come with obstacles, experiencing the outdoors together can help you reconnect. If you have questions about how you can make the most of the season for your assisted living loved ones, contact the team at Choice Health Management today.