Reasons Families Disagree About Sending a Loved One to a Nursing Home

family discussion on nursing home

Caring for an aging loved one is a family affair, but it is rarely done without conflict. There is a great number of reasons why a family may come to a disagreement when it comes putting their parents in a nursing home. Choice Health Management is here to help your family come to an agreement regarding the future of your aging loved ones, with some simple tips.

  • You view your parent’s needs differently than your siblings do.

Just because you can see the benefits of placing your aging parent in a nursing doesn’t mean your siblings feel the same way. If your family disagrees on how much care your parent needs, consider seeking expert guidance – a visiting nurse can easily assess if your loved one will receive the best care at home or in a professional nursing facility.

  • One child is the primary caregiver and excludes others from decision making.

It is an unwritten rule that whichever child lives closest to the parents assumes the role of the main caregiver. This can lead to resentment of the other siblings who continue their lives uninterrupted by caring for their aging parents. It can also lead to a completely opposite problem – one caregiver excluding other family members from the caregiving process. While being cut out may hurt at first, as long as all of your parent’s needs are being met and they are safe and healthy, there is no reason to intervene.

  • What if your parent resists professional care?

In rare occasions, the whole family will be on board with the idea of a nursing home, except for the person who will be heading there. If your parent is objecting the idea of professional care, try to explain that you truly believe it is best for their health and safety. Try visiting some assisted living communities so they can make a choice on their own and so they can see the benefits of a nursing home first hand.

Whatever your family disagreements are when it comes to finding a nursing home, Choice Health Management is here to help you in any way possible. Come visit us or contact us today for more information on how to best help your elders.