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4 Tips to Preventing a Fall

Did you know that every 11 seconds, an Older American is admitted to the hospital due to a fall? It’s the number-one cause of injury for those older than 65, and can lead to hip fractures, traumatic brain injuries and broken bones. Furthermore, it carries a hefty price tag—the CDC estimates that the average cost

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How to Help the Elderly Beat the Summer Heat

Are you worried for your elderly loved one and the high temperatures coming this summer?  Not to worry – we’ve got you covered!  The team at Choice Health Management is here to offer support and tips that will help you keep your loved one safe and healthy through the hot summer months. Stay Hydrated –

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Why Choice Health Facilities are Different…and Better

Fact: there are over 15,700 nursing homes in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Another fact: as of 2010, there were 31,100 assisted living communities nationwide according to the National Center for Assisted Living. What do all these numbers mean? They mean that when looking at a nursing home

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