4 Areas to Examine on Visit to Aging Family Member

home inspection

Are you saddled with the difficult task of caring for a loved one from a few hours away?  Maybe during your last visit, you noticed some changes in your loved one that were cause for concern.  This is a common situation for many of the families we work with and the experts at Choice Health Management are here to help.

Here are 4 areas of decline to watch for when visiting an aging loved one:

Home Upkeep

When you visit your loved one’s home, be sure to look at monthly bills.  If you notice bills that are unopened or hidden away, you may need to step in to make sure those bills are taken care of each month.  Another area of the home to examine is the appliances.  Is your aging parent turning the stove completely off after use, are dishes being cleaned after use and is the laundry being done?

Physical Condition

Ask your loved one about their sleep and meal schedule.  When you visit, watch for weight gain or loss, if he/she is walking normally or if he/she has any pain.  Watch for odd behavior and be sure to address your concerns with their doctor.

Emotional State

Does your loved one still go out and socialize at church, the salon or grocery store?  Does he/she still make meals, keep the house tidy and follow normal personal hygiene?  These are also areas to watch for decline.

Taking Medicine

Many of the elderly do not enjoy taking medicine.  Watch for unused prescriptions or expired medicine to see whether or not your loved one is taking their medicine.  If you can, try to get a list from their doctor on what they should be taking so that you can provide that to your loved one and help them stay organized when it comes to their prescriptions.

If you notice decline in any of these areas, be sure to contact your loved one’s doctor right away.  The doctor may recommend a transition to an assisted living facility nearby.

We know the transition can be complicated so please reach out to Choice Health Management for help on how to facilitate this life change.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help!