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What to Do When Your Parent Exhibits Aggressive Behavior As a Result of Alzheimer’s

At Choice Health Management, we cater to a wide variety of aging-related needs. Because of this, we’ve seen our fair share of behaviors caused by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Among them is the sudden aggression or anger that seems to arise from nowhere. Today, we’re going to give you tips on what to do when your elderly parent exhibits such behavior:

  • Understand that they’re not acting this way on purpose. Remind yourself of this several times if you need to.
  • Don’t become emotional. This can be difficult to do, but the best way to respond is to speak in a soft, slow tone.
  • Address the immediate cause. Is there something that triggered the behavior? Physical discomfort can often cause it, but sometimes an unfamiliar surrounding or situation can do that as well.
  • Avoid environments where they will be surrounded by too many people, loud noises or excessive clutter. This can overwhelm a person with Alzheimer’s and cause them to react violently.
  • Divert their attention away from the activity or situation that may have caused the outburst.
  • Don’t give complicated directions or instructions, or ask too many questions. Those with Alzheimer’s can be easily confused, and this confusion can lead to an outburst.
  • Reasoning with your parent might not be the best option. Instead, say what you need to in order to make them feel safe or reassured. So, if they are demanding to go home, don’t tell them they already are home. Instead, explain that they can’t leave right at that moment because the weather or traffic is bad.
  • If your parent is in a safe place, it might be best for you to walk away for a little while.


It’s not easy to watch your parents grapple with a disease like Alzheimer’s, and even harder to know how to react when your parent exhibits bad behavior. Keep these tips in mind the next time you visit mom or dad, and hopefully you can steer the visit into a positive one!

4 Ways To Observe Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month and Choice Health Management is bringing you pertinent information about men’s health and what you can do to improve your health during this month. Get moving this month to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment– As age increases, so does your risk for different chronic diseases. A yearly checkup is important to lowering your risk for health problems.
  2. Limit Stress– Stress can heighten your risk for many health issues, so if you can find a way to tame the stress, your health will be better off. Find ways to cope with your stress, whether it’s through exercise or meditation, taming your stress can keep you healthy.
  3. Sleep Better– What’s better than a good night’s sleep? Getting enough sleep is important to your overall health because it provides energy for the next day. Insufficient amount of sleep is directly correlated with a number of chronic diseases, including some cancers. If you have trouble sleeping, it could be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Schedule an appointment with your doctor if you suspect you have this condition.
  4. Exercise More– Performing exercises on a daily basis doesn’t have to happen at the gym. Any physical activity is good to getting your blood pumping and metabolism moving. Jog around the neighborhood, play fetch with your canine friend or do some yard work for physical activity. Aim to get in at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. If you can get to the gym for exercise, great. If not, plan physical activity into your daily routines to keep your health moving.

Choice Health Management wishes you a happy Men’s Health Month and we encourage you to find motivation to become a better you! Contact us today for more information or assistance on healthier and safer living.

Look for These 7 Things When Visiting Assisted Living Facilities

Trying to find the perfect fit for your loved one when choosing an assisted living facility can be stressful.  You want to pick the right one so that they can be happy and stay healthy, but how do you know what the right one is?  That’s why Choice Health Management is here to give you some ideas of what to look for when touring an assisted living facility.

  1. Friendliness – The attitude and friendliness of the staff is the most important. Be sure to watch how they treat the residents.  Do they listen and make eye contact?  Do they really seem to want to help out and interact with the residents?
  2. Safety and Security – Finding out all of the procedures will give your peace of mind about your loved one. Ask how residents contact staff if they have an emergency.  Make sure that the staffing hours are consistent so that there will always be someone near or around your loved one.  Make sure that all rooms, especially the bathrooms, are accessible and have safety measures installed such as grab bars and shower seats.
  3. Food – Eat a meal at the facility to test its quality. It’s important to discuss food choices, dining hours, and procedures.  Make sure to talk to other residents to see how they feel about the food and what would happen if they didn’t make it to the dining center on time.
  4. Activities – Try to schedule your tour during a time where an event or activity will be taking place. Do the activities look like something your loved one would enjoy?  You can also look at their calendar of events to see what types of activities they offer.  Are there trips and outings away from the community?  Do the activities range in type and size?
  5. Outdoor Area – Take a walk outside to see what the outdoor areas look like. Do they have safe walking paths and security?  Look at the scenery and types of wildlife that may be hanging around to know what your loved one will get to see.
  6. Ask Questions about Personal Care – Discuss bathing options and preferences. It’s important to observe other residents to see if they are clean shaven and look taken care of.  Look at how the staff cares for them and if they look happy.  You can even talk to the residents to ask them how they feel about the care they are receiving.
  7. Get Feedback from Families and Residents – Ask questions and lots of them. As mentioned above, continue to ask residents how they feel in the place.  You can also go up to family members and ask them why they chose this facility and what they like about it.  There are also reviews online that you could look into.

In the end, you just have to trust yourself and know that you are making a good decision when choosing a facility.  If you have questions about our assisted living services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a visit soon!  At Choice Health Management, we want to help your loved one maintain a higher quality of life while providing any medical care they need.