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Encouraging Elderly Parents to Look After Their Health

When you visit your mom at the assisted living facility, you may notice that she just seems to be in a decline, even though there are no impending health issues that mean she’s at the end.  Her hygiene may be bad or she’s not moving or she doesn’t want to go outside.  This can be a common struggle for the aging community.  Keeping elderly parents in a positive state of mind can be difficult at times when they get into a slump.  That’s why Choice Health Management has some tips for encouraging them to look after their health.

Declining Hygiene

If their hygiene goes bad, it might be a sign of depression.  When this happens, it’s important to encourage counseling or get them to talk about their feelings.  Ask simply if you can do anything to help instead of lecturing them on taking better care of themselves.  Your parents need to see the importance of taking better care of themselves before they will try to change their behavior.

Trouble Moving Around

If they’re having trouble moving around, encourage Physical Therapy. It could show them exercises that can make them more mobile.  Also, encourage senior citizen exercise classes. They are easier on the stiff or arthritic joints that the elderly experience.  Getting regular exercise will be extremely beneficial to their health because it will make them stronger, happier, and healthier.

Won’t Leave Their Room

If your parent won’t leave their room to go outdoors or interact with other residents, try using grandchildren as bait.  Saying that they should come to some type of activity with their grandkids or go for a walk will get them up and out moving around without knowing you’re trying to push them to do something they didn’t want to do.  You could also try finding one of their closest friends within the facility and have them invite your parent to coffee or to play a board game to get them out of their room.

Resisting Care

Wait to talk to them with your family when they are relaxed.  Sometimes your loved one may feel that since they are in a care facility, they are losing their independence along with their freedom and choices.  Ask their preferences and what they want.  It’s important to allow your parent to feel self-sufficient at times and to make their own decisions when they can, so they still feel in control.

The key is to start simple by asking them to do something small and being there for them.  Your support and attention will mean the world to them.  At Choice Health Management, we are dedicated to creating a safer environment for your loved ones to make them happy and healthy.  If you have any questions regarding care for your loved one, contact us today!